1608 Champagne Bar at Alexander House

Good to the last drop

How many bars do you know with 145 wines and 30 hand-picked Champagnes? How about bars that also create a wide range of unique cocktails using only the finest ingredients? Welcome to the 1608 Champagne Bar at Alexander House Hotel & Utopia Spa. Savour the moment, relish the flavours and make the most of every last drop as it melts in your mouth.

1608 Champagne Bar

A nod to the history of our hotel, the 1608 Champagne Bar was named after the oldest brick found in our very walls. Flaunting a taste for the finer things in life, 1608 is a great spot to savour every drop of our delicious cocktails and hand picked Champagnes.

Our bar and lounge menu is served from 12 - 6.30pm.