The Interior Design of Alexander Hotels

It's the little things

Caress the textured walls of our bedrooms, sink into bespoke chairs in our cosy lounges and lose yourself in the details of our luxury hotels. Inspired by nature and headed up by our Directors, the interior design of Alexander Hotels encapsulates everything we stand for: luxurious, sensory and relaxing experiences from start to finish.

Michael Northcroft

The finishing touches

Michael Northcroft are based in London and produce extremely high quality furniture and finishing touches that we use throughout our hotels. From the plush armchairs in our cosy lounges to the one-of-a-kind feature pieces in our Cedar Lodge Suites at Alexander House, we only invest in the best of luxurious, bespoke furniture.

Attention to detail

From cool greys with teal infusions to fiery reds and bronzes the colour schemes of each and every room in all of our hotels are there to set the perfect mood for your romantic getaway, productive meeting, captivating wedding or calming spa day.

As world travellers, our Directors have combined their vast experience of luxury travel and hotels worldwide to create the inspiring interiors across all four of our hotels. Although each of our hotels encapsulate their individual histories, the connections between them are clear to see. From the bespoke furnishings to the incredible array of textured wallpapers throughout, attention to detail is at the heart of what our Directors do.

Our Directors make regular visits to the Design Centre in Chelsea Harbour as they find it "a great platform, both creatively and commercially" for textiles. Here at Alexander Hotels, we don't choose our textiles based on aesthetic value alone; they are a vital part of the sensory experiences we offer.

When planning the interior design of our hotels the Directors start with a colour scheme and inspiration shortly follows from paintings, photographs and landscapes. Before long, they find the concept to run throughout the hotel, careful to tie in subtleties to our other properties.