History of Rowhill Grange

From the beginning

Rowhill Grange Hotel & Utopia Spa was the very first chapter of the Alexander Hotels story. Starting its life with us as our first Utopia Spa with just a few bedrooms above, Rowhill Grange's history dates back to 1868 when Alice Alexander's family built her a summer house.

Alice and her family lived in that summer house until 1916 when Sir George Cole (Lord Mayor of London and a keen breeder of Shetland Ponies) bought the property. Cole lived in the property for twelve years before selling it to Leslie and Lucy Waites who transformed the property into a family home with a beautiful garden - laying the foundations of what you can see here today.

It was, in fact, their gardener who planted the spruce tree which stands opposite the entrance to Rowhill Grange to this day. Rowhill Grange began its journey to becoming a hotel in 1977 when Michael Feasey, a local butcher, transformed the family home into a country house hotel and restaurant which then opened in 1987.

Seven years later, we joined the party. In 1994 we bought the property, renovated the hotel and began work on our first ever Utopia Spa. After more than two decades of love, renovation, refurbishment and expansion, we have the 4 silver star hotel with award-winning restaurant and Utopia Spa that you see today.

For old times' sake

History of Alexander House